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Tally-Ho Ventures, Inc. is a paralegal services firm, based in California but offering services for businesses incorporated or headquartered throughout the United States, as well as firms throughout the world who wish to access the U.S. capital markets.

We provide paralegal support services to attorneys with their own clients, as well as provide services to end-user clients directly.

We do not provide legal opinions, nor offer legal advice, nor do or perform other work reserved for attorneys, but for clients contacting us directly, we have several attorney referrals with whom we work in order to provide the client complete legal services.

Our specialty is securities law, with sub-specialties in SEC, FINRA and OTC filings as well as capital and share structuring and re-structuring, but also handle general corporate matters, incorporation, contracts and capital markets issues. We also perform business technical writing services such as the preparation of private placement memoranda and prospectuses.

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