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Tal Kapelner
Sole Officer and Director; Senior Paralegal

Tal Kapelner graduated from the University Professors Program of Boston University with a degree in United States Legal History, having researched and written his senior thesis on the changing attitude toward First Amendment jurisprudence as revealed through U.S. Supreme Court rulings from 1907 to 1965. He founded Tally-Ho Ventures (California) in 1999 as a paralegal services firm, while incorporating another “Tally-Ho Ventures” in the state of Delaware in 2002 as the vehicle for his entertainment projects, which had been a side effort of his since he had gotten a taste of both acting and writing while working as a writers’ assistant and sometime-actor on a prime-time sitcom a few years prior. The Delaware corporation was sold in 2005 after Tal took it public himself, completing all the SEC filings, including the IPO prospectus, and obtaining a stock symbol and listing on the OTC Bulletin Board. Tal brings the experience he earned in taking his own company public to his work as a paralegal for clients looking for help with securities law issues, in particular accessing the capital markets through a listing on a secondary stock quotation service.

His other specialties include structuring and re-structuring corporate, capital, share and debt structures in order to provide maximum protection from hostile take-over while still allowing for capital formation.

Tal is a qualified paralegal in the state of California pursuant to California Business and Professions Code 6450(c)(3).


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